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Nam et ipsa scientia potestas es

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"When you have eliminated
the impossible,
whatever remains,
however improbable,
must be the truth?
Thank you for taking the time to visit the D P Investigations website. Our aim is to provide you with an excellent and affordable service for tracing anyone from a debtor who is proving elusive, to that long lost relative, friend or loved one. 
I have been working in the General and Fraud Investigation industry for over 20 years with a respectable success rate in tracing individuals who do not want to be found.
Tracing people can be time consuming and unproductive, especially for the less experienced so that is where my services can be invaluable to your organisation, especially if the whereabouts of the individual has been unknown for some considerable time.
I can be contacted at the following:
Dave Smith
DP Investigations
23 Cants Close
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 0LR
t:    01444 244093
m:  07900 817804
All enquiries are dealt with confidentially and all information is used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Allrights reserved and any unauthorised printing or copying of this site is strictly prohibited