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About Us  

As providers of both Private & Insurance Fraud Investigation needs, with over 20 years of industryexperience, we can meet your requirements in the following areas:-  


Location of missing Policyholders


Location of next of Kin of Deceased Policyholders


Financial Research


Pre-Employment vetting


Vetting of potential tenants and/or Lessee


Tracing of missing property orLandowners


Enquiries in relation to Applications for:


     - Planning


     - Liqour Licencing


     - Gaming


We also undertake Process Serving in all areas of the UK. 




Trace work undertaken for private individuals, Solicitors, Local Authorities and Companies.  On occasion we all needto find that missing person or asset.


Tracing is a specialist area that requires experience, skill, discretion and understanding in order to restore assets or recover debts.


Difficulty in locating subjects can often occur, telephone numbers can be disconnected and companies move, leaving you with no way to pursue payments. If a person or asset seems untraceable or a previous agency has failed to find them, we have a proven track record and can achieve what others have failed to do.


We can also complete corporate traces within agreed time frames.


Here are some of our other areas we can help in:


Adoption, Asset discovery, Background checks, Copyright infringement, enquiries into Fraudulent insurance claims, General Enquiries, Internet Profiling, Locus reports,


  Surveillance and the Law


The Human Rights Act became effective in the UK on the 2nd October 2000. it is to be expected that the efficiency and acceptability of covert surveillance will be adversely affected. We have taken steps to ensure that all enquiries in this area are in currentlegislationguidelines.


With this in mind any surveillance undertaken will be done by our professional teams.  


All enquiries are dealt with confidentially and all information is used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
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